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225 Valley Place
Mamaroneck, NY 10543

1 (877) 574 8265

Fuel storage tanks removal and installation services, toxic black mold removal and remediation in the Westchester County, New York region. Emergency response services. Westchester New York fuel storage tanks, oil tank installation, oil tank removal, toxic black mold removal remediation, underground storage tanks, oil tank abandonment, oil tank replacement, home heating oil tanks, residential oil tanks, black mold in houses.


Site Remediation

Excavation of contaminated soil

Northeast Environmental, Inc. utilizes their own GPS tracked fleet of trucks to provide this service. This HELPS saves our customers time and money AND MAKES US THE MOST EFFICIENT COMPANY AROUND.

Northeast will remove and transport the soil for disposal at a licensed disposal facility. We provide all necessary documentation that our clients will need for their re-financing agreements or sale of the properties. Most waste is recycled at burn facilities and recycling facilities; not disposed of at landfills.


Monitoring Well and Recovery Well Installation

This includes the vaccing of free phase product and quarterly monitoring and report writing.

225 Valley Place Mamaroneck, NY 10543  I  PHONE: (914) 777 1930  I  FAX: (914) 777 1928

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